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More Bang for your Bonus

Everyone loves a bonus, whether it’s an unexpected one off or a reward for a job well done. Some companies hand out bonuses on an arbitrary basis depending on their opinion on how particular employees have performed, others pay them on the basis of how much profits the company has made over a period of time. Although not all, a lot of companies create a bonus scheme and do a great job of communicating it to their employees. But why can a bonus scheme be important and how does a company go about setting one up in the first place?

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Useless Financial Information?

In these days of ever tightening client budgets companies that work on a project basis often struggle to work out where their money is coming from and, just as importantly, where it’s going. It’s at times like these that having financial information that is both accurate and timely is most important. Bad information leads to bad decision making whilst information that is outdated means key decisions are missed.

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Driving Profitability

It’s remarkable to think that many creative agencies believe the best way to make more profits is to win more business. Its not unusual for owners to complain to new business people ‘If we can just land a couple of really good clients then we are made’, believing that winning big brands will propel them into the next level, and through the reputation this attracts clients will be falling over themselves to let them handle their business.

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